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Advantages of the accessory

Protection rings are available in different sizes compatible with R14 and R24 rims. Suitable for almost any kind of rims and wheel covers, including low-profile tyres. A variety of colors to match any car! A wide assortment – 10 different color versions of any size. Make your car stand out from the rest!

Made of high-quality elastic material – TPE (SEBS) capable of withstanding temperatures from -40 to +60°C without losing resilience. Can easily be remounted on your car’s new wheel rims.

This protection ring is held in place better than the versions with adhesive backing.

It hides scratches and damaged areas on the edge of the wheel rim or cover, allowing you to save money that you would have to spend on wheel rim restoration. You can easily install it on wheel covers yourself, or have it mounted on your rims in a tyre fitting centre in about 20 minutes.

Among the wide range of colors offered by the manufacturer, you can choose the one you like, for example, to match the color of your car body, wheel rims, or brake calipers.


High tear and wear resistance

Weather resistance

Operating temperature range is from -40 up to +60 °С

Easy installation

It takes only 20-40 minutes to get the rings installed on the wheels

Wheel rim protection

Offers protection to the rims or edges of the wheels from scratches

About product

Among the wide range of colors offered by the manufacturer, you can choose the one you like, for example, to match the color of your car body, wheel rims, or brake calipers

Our work

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No, this type of protection ring is insertable. The accessory comes in sets of the rings that are installed between the alloy rim and the tyre (in the case of wheel covers, the rings should simply be pulled on their edges). We've tried adhesive-backed ones on our cars – they come unstuck on day one! Those from China are mostly adhesive-backed.

Like tyres, protection rings are sold to precisely fit the size of the wheel rims. Nothing more and nothing less. We have calculated a formula, according to which the rings need to be stretched to a moderate extent to be mounted on alloy wheel rims. You can try to put a ring on a wheel rim of a bigger size, but you’d better avoid doing that – first, it will take more time, and second, the ring is likely to slip off. Therefore, when having, for example, R18 wheels, we choose a ring with a label marked R18.

The rim protector comes packed in a plastic bag with a label indicating the size and color – a set contains 4 (one-piece) rings. The protection rings themselves are universal and will fit almost any wheel rim or cover thanks to their shape. The cross-section looks as follows: the 2.1 cm long part is inserted between the rim and tyre, while the short part covers the rim’s edge by 1 cm.

The rim protector has four protection rings made from imported TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer or Thermoelastoplast) of the SEBS type. The operating temperature range of this material is from -40 to +60 degrees, which means that it doesn’t crack or fade in the heat and doesn’t crack or harden in freezing cold weather! This material is also used for outdoor seals.

The raw material is of very high quality confirmed by the Сertificate of Сonformity UA1.024.0096424-06 and tests.

Paraffin, alcohol solution, or if it won’t wash off at all, use a small amount of white spirit – but be very careful not to let it get on the rim or tyre.

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